Here’s why you need an iPhone X this year!

Is iPhone X is the best smartphone that money can buy? No matter how critical you feel about Apple’s new iPhone X, there’s no denying that it changes the game for the brand. Apple has taken a huge gamble by getting away with some of the core features that iPhone is known for, and experts believe it has paid off. Yes, Apple iPhone X is the most expensive flagship phone available in the market today, with the base 64GB variant priced at $999. With the sales and import taxes, the device can cost much more in some countries. In India, iPhone X retails for 89,000 INR.

The best screen ever!

The iPhone X display is undoubtedly the best you will find on any smartphone. This is the first ever iPhone to feature a OLED (all other iPhones feature LCD screens), and Apple’s new move is surely going to impact its future line of devices. So, the iPhone X doesn’t have a home button. Instead, the entire front surface of the device is covered with the screen, except for a small sliver on the top for the camera phone. To get to the home screen, you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

You get the Face ID!

Yes, Apple has replaced the Touch ID with the Face ID. Now, you can unlock your iPhone X by just looking at the screen, although the tech doesn’t work if your eyes are closed. Setting up the device is pretty smooth, and most users have not complained about using the Face ID, although some reviews were a tad more critical. The technology adapts itself as the shape of your face changes, and yes, it can still recognize your face when the glasses are on. You can also use Face ID for your purchases on the App Store.

Click the best pictures

As compared to iPhone 8 Plus, which was also launched with iPhone X, the latter surely has better cameras, with optical image stabilization. Shaking hands? Don’t worry, your iPhone X will still click the best pictures. While iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have the same tech, the other two models don’t feature a second telephoto zoom lens.

Final verdict

There’s no denying that iPhone X has hit the target audience aptly as Apple had expected, and it also promises a lot more from the brand. As for the price, iPhone X in India will cost Rs. 89,000 in India for the base variant, while iPhone 8 price in India is around Rs. 57,980.  iPhone 8 Plus base variant is priced at Rs. 69,949. Check your expectations, consider the features and get iPhone X, if you don’t feel like the iPhone 8 right now.