How to Choose the Right Sit Stand Desk for Your Needs?

Sit stand desk is the latest revolutionary technology that is being used by most people who sit for about 7 to 8 hours on a daily basis. Primecables sit stand desk is one of the in-demand options desks in the market. The question that arises in many people’s minds is how to choose the right sit stand desk out of the variety of desks that are available. Here are a few questions you should ask and the answers would help you choose the right desk for your needs:

  • What Is the Maximum and Minimum Height That You Want?

When you are choosing a sit stand desk according to your requirements, you need to know what the minimum and maximum height that you need is. Sit stand desks generally have a minimum height of 150mm and a maximum height of 500mm. This allows you to keep these desks on a table top and sit with 150mm height and stand with 500mm height. In case you want some height in between that, you can always adjust using the options that are available for smooth adjustment of height.

  • How Many Appliances Are You Planning to Put on the Desk?

Depending upon the number of appliances that are going to be on the desk, you can decide whether to purchase a small size sit stand desk or medium size model. The width of the small size one is generally around 26” 680mm and that of medium one is about 35” 890 mm. Choose this depending upon the number of items that are going to be on the desk.

  • Which Color Would Be in Contrast for Your Office/Desk?

You would obviously want a sit stand desk that matches your office color. It should either be the same or contrasting enough to look good. Generally, sit stand desks come in colors that look complimentary with everything like white and black. Even if that is the case, you need to ensure that the color is in contrast.

  • Does the Design Avoid Clamping Injury?

Any adjustable device can clamp your hand or finger in between the mechanism while adjusting it. The sit stand desk should be designed in such a way that this clamping injury is avoided or else you would have to be careful while using it.

Once all these questions are answered, you would have enough information about your sit stand desk needs. You can now purchase the right one.