Windows 10 Home: All You Must Know Before Installing!

Windows 10 is considered to be a major success for Microsoft, more so because the previous version of Windows was panned by many. There are two editions of Windows 10 that users can consider – Home and Pro. The Home edition is the basic one, which packages in everything that most users would need on a day to day basis. From Voice Assistant Cortana to Battery Saver, this is a comprehensive edition in many ways. In this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects worth knowing before you buy Windows 10 Home.

Decoding Windows 10 Home

The Home edition of Windows 10 brings all that you need. There are advanced security options using TPM, while Virtual Desktops feature is also included. You also have the Continuum feature, which means you can quickly switch between tablet and desktop mode as required. Windows 10 Home also packs in Edge, the all-new browser from Microsoft that aims to take on Firefox and Chrome. Some security elements like Microsoft Passport is included, and you will also get regular updates for free. As long as you want a computer that works on the perfect version of Windows in years, Windows 10 Home is a great choice.

How to download and use the edition?

To use Windows 10 Home, you have to download and install it on your computer. You can download and complete the process for free, after which you will be asked for a key. Product keys are a standard feature of Windows for the longest time, and you can think of this as a license to use Microsoft’s OS officially. Besides the store of Microsoft, many websites work with resellers and sell retail keys for Windows 10 Home at a lower price, which you can check. You can make the payment, and after that, the service will send the key to your email. You can go the Settings section of your computer and find the “Update and Security” tab, where you can use the product key to activate Windows. This is a onetime process, and future updates will be offered by Microsoft for free.

In conclusion

Windows 10 Home is pretty comprehensive and we do recommend it for most users. If you seek more of connectivity and privacy tools, check the Pro variant, but for average use, the Home variant is more than enough. Check online now to find more on keys on sale for Windows 10 Home.