5 Responsibilities of Safety Officer & Job Opportunities in Current Market

It is extremely important for any workplace to have a safe environment to work. In industries like software and technology the idea of risk is quite low, whereas, in industries where there is heavy engineering and shipbuilding is done, there is a high chance of risk.

To ensure the safety measures being followed in an industry, there is always a need for Safety Officer. With new business budding up every year, the safety officer jobs opportunity is also increasing.

Irrespective of the organisations they work for, the basic duties to be discharged by a safety officer remains same throughout the organisations.

In this article, we are going to discuss few important responsibilities of Safety officers and also the market size (opportunities) for them in the current market.

Responsibilities of Safety Officer

  1. The safety officer is responsible for assessing and monitoring the unsafe and hazardous situations and develop the required measures to ensure safety in the work location.
  2. He corrects the unsafe conditions or acts through the regular line of authority. However, a safety officer exercises an authority to stop such unsafe acts in case if any immediate action is required.
  3. He ensures that there are safety messages in every Incident Action Plan.
  4. He ensures that the Health plan and site safety are prepared and implemented properly. The safety officer ensures that the site safety complies with the government policies and local regulations, safe job analysis is carried out and then the permits are issued.
  5. The Safety Officer monitors the active and developing situations and develops the safety measures accordingly. He participates in the management meetings and acts a bridge to ensure that the whole organisation is working in a safe and smooth manner.

As per the current statistics, as the number of industries is increasing, so is the demand for safety officers. There is a huge demand for the safety officer jobs, but the supply is very low, as the number of students pursuing their career in this field is quite less.

Overall, a safety officer is an all-rounder who takes care of the fire safety, industrial safety and the workplace safety simultaneously. He ensures that no officer suffers from fatigue when they are subjected to high work pressure.