Are your children ready for robots?

When you have small children, thinking about their co-existent with robots is the last thing on any parent’s mind. After all, there are more important things to think about like ensuring they have proper growth, attend the right schools, get good grades, go to college, graduate and finally find their own jobs. The world is however changing fast and technology is taking centre stage in many places. Robots are infiltrating almost every place and by the time the children will all be grown to look for jobs, they will be competing with robots to land the best positions.

It is therefore a necessity to teach children as early as possible on different ways to ready themselves for robots. With technology moving too fast, it is almost impossible to know the kind of jobs in the market that will not need automation and those that will wholly depend on automation. Many robot-manufacturing industries like, are constantly developing their robots to go with the trends. Children need to develop their skills early enough in order to cope with the fast growing trends. Below are a few things that could help young children grow up with enough knowledge about robots.

How to develop your children in readiness for the robotic world

·        Let them take programming and coding classes

One of the best recommendations on raising robot proof children is to develop their skills from an early age. Look out for what they are good at and focus on making them better at it. The more you polish up their skills, the more they are likely to gain more gainful employment when they graduate. Since they will be in competition with robots for the same jobs, you can help them to polish their skills more by helping them take up programming classes. In programming classes, they will learn things like coding and everything about how robots work.

If the children are too young to take programming and coding classes, you can introduce them to coding principles using children friendly mobile games and robotic toys. Though this could be an expensive venture, it is much better than having children unprepared for the technology explosion in their later years.

·        Teach them to think independently

Rules are made for a reason. They all shape up people and with rulers there are less chances of going astray. However following rules without questioning them could lead to lack of progress. Allow your children to think independently and even if they have to follow rules, they should question anything and everything they do not understand. Robots are complex and children should be allowed to ask everything about them in order to understand them more.

·        Teach them about being self-reliant

From an early age, help your children to be independent. They should have their minds set not only on being employed but also on being their own bosses. This way, if they cannot land their dream jobs in future because robots took all the jobs, they can start their own businesses. Having an entrepreneurial mind-set combined with enough knowledge about automation and robots will see them polish up their skills even more.

·        Tell them about the benefits of robots

Do not let your children grow up thinking that the invasion of robots will render them jobless in future. Tell them about the benefits of working alongside robots and what the future will look like with artificial intelligence and automation. Let them grow up with the knowledge that robots are friends and not enemies. If you do not know how, let them watch movies featuring robots so they can see the good things robots can do.

Wrapping it up

Help to shape your child’s future b letting them know the roles of robots to the economy and society. Prepare them to be in better positions to accommodate robots when they are older because they will most likely work in places that are fully automated. If you need to learn more about robots and how they help to shape the society and the economy, visit the Universal Robots website to learn more.