Wednesday, May 27

Can Feedback from Social Media Improve Your Business?

Social media has become more popular over the years. It started out with a few sites that had one or two fun, exciting features, but there are now many that are used by business every day, including Sam’s Club. Should you own a business and be questioning if there are improvement that can be made, social media could help answer your question.

Here’s how feedback from social media can improve your business.

Likes/ Dislikes

When someone comes to your business for assistance, to purchase a product or just inquire about something, they may be paying attention to everything. From the cleanliness of your office to the attitudes of your employees, you want every customer and client to be pleased.  Customers who use social media to give feedback on their experience with your business will likely share what they liked and disliked. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what can be done to help you better serve them and keep yourself in business.


Promotions are a great way to get customer to visit your business. People love discounts, free merchandise and participating in contests where they could possible win something. If you plan to have a special promotion, it would be helpful to take to social media and let past, current and potential customers know. Ideally, if it is something they are interested in, they will contact you.


When people need a new furnace installed, car repaired or another service that requires the assistance of a professional, they will likely visit the company’s website to help them make a more informed decision about who to hire for the job. A trustworthy, reputable business will have testimonials from customers featured on its website. The good thing about customer leaving feedback via social media is that these positive comments can be used as testimonials.

Businessowners may be reluctant to use social media. Not only can it be complicated to navigate, it just be an extra task that they may not interested or exciting about taking on. Should your business need a boost in customers, social media would be one way to ensure you stay in business and survive.