Monday, May 25

Comparing SEO Companies – Your List of Do’s and Don’ts

As a startup or a small business owner, you would want people to know about your company. Of course, there are traditional ways of marketing, but when you are short of budget; internet promotion is your best choice. Online marketing has many elements, but there’s one thing you cannot ignore – SEO! Search engine optimization is all about boosting the traffic to your website besides improving search engine rankings. It is also one of the best tools for branding in the long run.

So, how do you find a company that specializes in SEO? Comparing services can be confusing, so we have enlisted a few dos and don’ts for help.

  • Don’t go by discounts. SEO companies often offer big offers and deals to lure customers, which may seem great on paper. However, SEO is an ongoing process, and you need a team that you can rely on. Instead of discounts, look for effective pricing.
  • Always check past projects. If a marketing firm claims great things about their work, they must show you their previous projects. This will just help in understanding their experience and expertise better.

  • Ask for a quote. As mentioned earlier, SEO is not a onetime thing, and therefore, you will need to pay a monthly price for the job. Professional companies like Driven Web Services always offer quotes to clients with a list of inclusions and exclusions.
  • Check their website. The performance of the website of the concerned SEO Company tells a lot about their work. If they cannot promote their own website in the right away, they won’t do much about your business either.
  • Ask about strategies. A good SEO team will explain their approach and strategies in detail. They won’t shy away from taking questions, when it comes to practices. They will also involve the client in the decision making process.
  • Seek project reports. SEO is a scalable process. It is easy to measure results in sync with efforts, and professional services always offer regular reports to clients. These reports are usually offered on a monthly basis.

  • Other services can be handy. If a SEO company can handle much more than just optimization, it can be an added advantage. For example, they can offer help with website’s design and content, you can take additional help for getting things done.

Check online to find a few reliable SEO services now, and before you hire, get a service agreement with all the relevant terms and conditions.