Guide to selecting the best GPS tracking software!

Businesses in the transport sector should consider investing in a GPS tracking software solution at some point. It’s one of the scalable and cost-effective ways to manage a fleet of vehicles. There are plenty of GPS tracking systems out there, with each company claiming to be the best in business. In this post, we take a look at what it takes to select the right option.

Understanding the requirements

The best GPS tracking system is either cloud or self-hosted and offers open source codes. Since we are talking of business needs here, it is necessary for the business to support some of the popular GPS trackers. The management should be able to integrate new devices. Software solutions are now being designed with mobile apps, so that entrepreneurs and managers can check the movement of each vehicle on the go. Depending on the location, it is wise to check if the product has support for multiple languages, and whether it is possible to generate reports.  Today, tracking systems are designed to offer other features, including remote device control and geo fences.

Overview of Cloud-based GPS tracking systems

For the uninitiated, Cloud-based GPS tracking systems store the data on a remote server, the access to which is offered to the client. If you are new business, cloud-based solutions may seem more viable, and payments are considerably affordable, because you just pay for the service. There are no additional fees for software updates, hardware and support. The service provider will offer the assistance that’s required to run your GPS system. On the flip side, Cloud-based GPS tracking systems might have limits if you would like to extend functionality, but in most cases, regular user won’t ever need it, API access will be more than enough.

Overview of Self-hosted GPS tracking system

Self-hosted GPS tracking systems are installed on VPS/VDS servers, equipped with Windows or Linux OS. The biggest advantage of such system is the lack of recurring costs. This is like a onetime expense for the software, although some sell limited-period licenses that can be extended for a fee. The client gets access to source codes, but keep in mind that it’s on the discretion of the seller. It’s easier to view extended history too. On the flip side, Self-hosted GPS tracking systems come with paid upgrades and there are maintenance costs.

Consider these aspects and give  a call!