Monday, May 25

What You Need To Do Together With Your Logo and Social Networking

Being social is essential in almost any business. Whether you are getting a lunch meeting or drinks together with your colleagues, keeping in contact and letting these folks know that they’ll achieve to you, could make or break any company.

Being interpersonal is not enough though.

It is also about releasing stereotypes and being open to others no matter background can make the very best relationships online (and offline) over time.

Why the necessity to maintain social networking? A word: Ease of access.

You have to be available to your customers, co-workers, stockholders and prospective customers. This is exactly what business is about in the end. Putting yourself too much there to ensure that others may recognize your brand is essential to some ‘viral’ status.

Bad or good publicity, will still be publicity

as they say.

Being in the industry for quite a while now, I’ve seen companies who’re very particular using their online status. For this reason social networking enthusiasts, for example myself, are tied lower towards the constraints and rules the organization enforce their advisors.

This originates from the idea of fear: fear for that bashing that the brand/company could get, anxiety about losing prospects and anxiety about the unknown on the internet. If you’re smart though, addressing unhealthy to create method for the great is really a strategy companies should embrace to help their online reputations.

Social networking experts are, in this way, more ethical. Meaning, they’ll NEVER risk “bad-mouthing” or risking their reputations for the organization/brand they’re employed by.

Because basically, social networking boils lower to 2 things: Freedom and Respect.

The specialist will gentle in handling a product or company in online space because this can come to haunt him later on if he/she does not “behave”.

Initially, participating in social networking could be nerve wracking however the risks are certainly worthwhile. Why? Consider all of the potential and options with regards to reaching your audience. Correct that you will see risks involved, nevertheless the advantages into it is it lets people know that you’re available to insight, change and, first and foremost, your brand is going to be regarded as dynamic.

Like a specialist and high user myself, I must reveal to you major tips about creating a social networking strategy that may try to your brand/company’s favor:

1. Obtain a good author that’s enthusiastic about social networking. Preferably one that can also be interpersonal not just online but has excellent interpersonal skills too. Online, this individual would be the ‘Face’ of the company.

2. Find out person to produce, maintain and create a blog exclusively for the organization.

3. Find out person to spread that blog to popular social networking websites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, etc.)

4. Also, constantly help remind your ‘representative’ to interact users. Lead him toOrher consider the world having a different group of eyes. Encourage creativeness and self-expression.